Melissa Williams

My passion for making pasta began by accident, really. I was in Barnes and Noble bookstore looking around when I found a book called Flour + Water by Thomas McNaughton. I was hooked, I googled, I watched Youtube, I kept trying different recipes, techniques and flavors.

After a while, I got an offer to be pasta maker for an Italian restaurant, where I soon began to spend over 40 hours a week producing on average 60 pounds of pasta per day. However, when I made fresh pasta in my home, friends and family would ask me to teach them, or make pasta for them.

So, then it began, the pasta workshops were born in the summer of 2016 with a variety of locations throughout San Diego. With the possibilities being endless, the main intent I have for the craft is still the same: Fresh and Organic ingredients, Pride and Passion paired with Memorable experiences.
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