Learn to make amazing pasta

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Learn to make amazing pasta

Pasta Bella San Diego

Workshops & Classes

Welcome to
Pasta Bella by Melissa Stoltz

Hi. My name is Melissa and I locally own and operate Pasta Bella San Diego. I have a mission to inspire creativity and knowledge with the desire for making fresh pasta and sharing that craft within my community. I intend to create an intimate environment within my workshops as well as aim to cultivate passion and the fostering of ideas paired with memorable experiences. I would like to invite my community to join me in sharing an organic pride and movement of creating pasta in our local neighborhoods of San Diego.

The Workshops

Making Papperdelle

Beet & Lemon Pasta Sheets

Black Sesame Seed and Shishito Dough

Hand Cut Tagitalle Pasta

We begin each workshop by making our dough from scratch in order to familiarize students with how pasta should “feel”. We will then move on to the rolling part of the workshop, accompanied by using a variety of pasta making tools and accessories. Workshops last about 2.5 hours and comfortable attire is recommended. After our pasta has been made, we gather at a community table to enjoy a light pasta dinner accompanied by salad to enjoy what we like to call a Family Meal. Afterwards, we pack up your pasta to go, along with recipe cards and cooking and storing instructions. We look forward to spending an evening with you sharing the craft of handmade pasta.


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